Cultural Manaslu


It has been twelve or thirteen years since I have come Nubri. I can’t say that I know everything that about Upper, Middle, and Lower Nubri, but I can talk about them in general. The area of Nubri is what is described in the Terma treasures of Guru Rinpoche  as the land of Kyimolung. This is the actual center of that land of Kyimolung. The people who live in this area are thus superior and excellent individuals who have gathered the accumulations in the past. Otherwise they would not be able to be born here, as it says in Guru Rinpoche’s treasures.

Above here there is the snow mountain called Tashi Palsang. This is Lower Nubri, and in Upper Nubri there is snow mountain called Pungnyen. These are amazing sites—the Terma mentions the glacier Tashi Palsang, and it is said that there are resources here that are beneficial for the entire world. If the teachings of Buddhism thrive here,, this will bring happiness to all countries. Mount Pungnyn in Upper Nubri, as the Buddha said in the scriptures, is no different from Mount Kailash. In this small area we have wonderful glaciers, mountains, lakes, and fields, as well many wonderful sites, and so we have exactly what we need as a basis for development.

Within Nubri, we have had many discussions about what to do to bring development and improvement to our area. There have also been discussions with monasteries about doing this from a Dharma angle, but up to now nothing has happened. Thus for you to form a welfare society is most welcome from both a Dharma and a worldly perspective as it will bring great benefits, and it is a great service.

It will also help us preserve many of our traditions and ways of life—this way of life does not exist in other regions, I have seen. The main living comes from farming, pasturing, and herding animals. These three are the main livelihood for the people of all parts of Nubri—Upper, Middle, and Lower—and they are a livelihood that mostly accords with the Dharma.

Also the traditional clothing is very handsome and appropriate, and can be very impressive and wonderful. On the worldly side we have traditional song and dance with wonderful costumes and flair, but these are all connected to the Dharma. These are all positive qualities, and we need people to point out these positive qualities. So for you to form this Society and point out these qualities is quite necessary.

The place itself is wonderful—a place prophesied by both Guru Rinpoche and the Bhagavan Buddha. If people are told this, we will be able to improve in terms of the Dharma as well as develop in worldly terms. For that reason, for all of you to have such an idea is wonderful.

In terms of the history of the Dharma in Nubri, Nubri one of the places where Guru Rinpoche came before he went to Tibet—it was called Nepal Kyimolung—and he did bless the area. There are accounts that he came here before he went to Tibet. Later when he went to Tibet, he and the king of Tibet blessed many terma treasures. In one of these, it is stated he blessed this area so that although other areas would be subject to invasions, strife, and difficulties, this area would not experience such wars, famines, or earthquakes. If the inhabitants of this area live in accord with the Dharma and practice the ten virtues, we could be free of the terrors of invasion, famine, and earthquake, he said.

When he went to Tibet, he and the king of Tibet blessed many Terma texts. In one of these, it says that foreign invasions, famines, earthquakes would come to other areas, but that he blessed this area so they would not come here. He blessed this area so that if its people lived in accord with the Dharma and practiced the ten virtues, they would be free of the scourges of invasion, famine, and earthquake, he said.

Later Gyalwa Rigsum Gompo and others blessed this area, and some time thereafter Karma Sambhava also blessed Upper, Lower, and Middle Nubri. The person who identified this as the area of Nepal Kyimolung is the Tertön Rigdzin Ökyi Dodrupchen, who was one of the greatest masters of the Northern Terma tradition. He first came to this area of Kyimolung, and up behind here there is an area with caves where he went and hid some treasures. Also there is the area of Nyam, where the tertön Gawang Dorje was born. He also came here, toured the area, identified the sacred sites, and wrote a description of the sites. He discovered a few treasures here as well, such as the Mirror of Treasure and the Unexcelled Lotus Heart Tantra. These are three tertons who have come here.

Milarepa also came here and walked through these sites, blessing them. In the mountains there is the Yogi Cave in the cliffs where he stayed, as is clearly told in the histories and his life story. In the area of Tsum, which is also part of Kyimolung, there is a site called the Kuthang Puru Cave, and behind there the Vajra Echo Cave. Milarepa went through the entire area before crossing the Bari Pass.

Many other lamas also came here, and there were also people from Nubri itself who achieved great realization, such as the Ngadak lineage from Upper Nubri. There were also Nga Rinpoche, Surmang Wangchuk, and others from Lower Nubri.

This is how the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings, were established here. In everyday terms, because this is a place where the Dharma spread, we can gather the accumulations and purify our obscurations, which will help us in this life and in future lives. This life will not be pointless, but will be given a meaning.

Up until now, this area of Nubri has been preserved and not ruined. However, taking care of it will make sure that it continues to thrive. Development will be good in both the worldly sense as well as in terms of the Dharma. Many lamas have kept this area in mind, and so in Upper Nubri there are several monasteries, such as in Henang and Namla.

It will be very helpful for the Welfare Society to think about what is necessary in worldly terms, but thinking that we need to improve things merely because it is our homeland is the least of reasons to do this. Instead, we should consider that this is an excellent area that was prophesied by both the Buddha and Guru Rinpoche. It is a place where the great yogi Milarepa and many other beings have set their feet. It says in the scriptures that if the people who live here can thrive in both Dharma and worldly ways, it will help the entire world become happy. The scriptures would not say that if it were not true.

This is why it will be very wonderful and auspicious if Nubri can flourish and prosper in terms of the Dharma, the Buddhist teachings. This will then spread throughout Nepal and into all the countries of our world. Guru Rinpoche’s treasure states that the causes and conditions that will bring about timely rainfalls, freedom from diseases and famine, and freedom from war and conflict are all present here. Because we have them, we need to follow the rules of the ten virtues and ten non-virtues. We need to establish our monasteries as centers for the Dharma, the palace of the secret mantra, found centers for study and practice, and maintain the pure discipline of the Dharma. Doing so will bring great happiness to the nation of Nepal, this land of Kyimolung, and to the entire world. The reason for this is all the excellent treasures and resources in the area. It is said that if the people who live in this area practice the Dharma, gather merit, practice the ten virtues, and make offerings, the power of that practice will bring happiness everywhere in this world realm.

So do not think that you will work hard for this area just because you are from Nubri—do not think that all the other areas of the world are developing while we are so remote that we are left behind. Instead, taking good care of Nubri and improving it in both Dharma and worldly ways will bring the whole world happiness so that the Dharma will remain for a long time and famine and strife decrease. If we develop Nubri with that intention, then all countries will develop and improve. And so I thank you for developing that intention.



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