Gorkh is very reach in culture and heritage itself. Various cast of people lives in this area. Generally Chhetri, Brahman, Gurung, Ghale and Bhote lamas. Chhetri and Brahman lives in low land likewise Gurung, Ghale lives in middle of land and at last Bhote lamas lives in high land of mountain region.

Specially Chhetri, Brahman are Hindu and The celebrate Dashain, Tihar, Teej and may more festival. Gurung, Ghale and Bhote lamas are Buddhist religious and they Celebrate Their own festival like Lhosar (New Year) and many more festival.

Trekking around Manaslu offers a unique opportunity to experience a reasonably "untouched" region of Nepal. This region of Nepal sees few trekkers, which makes a visit here more exclusive and unspoiled. Manaslu trekking has been open since 1991, it provides spectacular beauty along the border of Nepal and Tibet and is now a controlled trekking route, allowing organized trekking groups special permits to gain entry into this region to venture round its spectacular circuit.

Manaslu has a unique environment, which is exceptionally rich in bio diversity that has made this region one of the finest tourist destinations of Nepal for many years. The majestic Himalayan ranges in this area consist of cultural diversities and natural scenery with high altitude romantic glacier lakes and fascinating flora and fauna, all features of this region, have made it one of the most well liked places of Nepal.

We Can describe the mountain views from satipipal on the way to until like top of Dhaulagiri peak, Annapurna Range, Lamjung Himal, Manaslu Himal, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal.

We Follows Budhigandaki River form Arughat to Samdo. We can see almost Hilly land till Shyala. Finally we can view full of mountains in high land (NUBRI). NUBRI Starts from Sirdibas village development committee.

Above here there is the snow mountain called Tashi Palsang. This is Lower Nubri, and in Upper Nubri there is snow mountain called Pungnyen. These are amazing sites—the Terma mentions the glacier Tashi Palsang, and it is said that there are resources here that are beneficial for the entire world. If the teachings of Buddhism thrive here,, this will bring happiness to all countries. Mount Pungnyn in Upper Nubri, as the Buddha said in the scriptures, is no different from Mount Kailash. In this small area we have wonderful glaciers, mountains, lakes, and fields, as well many wonderful sites, and so we have exactly what we need as a basis for development.

In terms of the history of the Dharma in Nubri, Nubri one of the places where Guru Rinpoche came before he went to Tibet—it was called Nepal Kyimolung—and he did bless the area. There are accounts that he came here before he went to Tibet. Later when he went to Tibet, he and the king of Tibet blessed many terma treasures. In one of these, it is stated he blessed this area so that although other areas would be subject to invasions, strife, and difficulties, this area would not experience such wars, famines, or earthquakes. If the inhabitants of this area live in accord with the Dharma and practice the ten virtues, we could be free of the terrors of invasion, famine, and earthquake, he said.

Later Gyalwa Rigsum Gompo and others blessed this area, and some time thereafter Karma Sambhava also blessed Upper, Lower, and Middle Nubri. The person who identified this as the area of Nepal Kyimolung is the Tertön Rigdzin Ökyi Dodrupchen, who was one of the greatest masters of the Northern Terma tradition. He first came to this area of Kyimolung, and up behind here there is an area with caves where he went and hid some treasures. Also there is the area of Nyam, where the tertön Gawang Dorje was born. He also came here, toured the area, identified the sacred sites, and wrote a description of the sites. He discovered a few treasures here as well, such as the Mirror of Treasure and the Unexcelled Lotus Heart Tantra. These are three tertons who have come here.